People Development

People development is important at Mios Gastronomy Group. It means that suitable strategies and measures to implement the company goals through appropriate qualification of employees in technical and methodological terms.

Here at Mios, we invest on yearly company’s team building as well as in-house training from time to time and team activities like bowling, badminton & futsal. This little investment brings a huge impact to the company by creating a well-trained team, increase their experience and teamwork.

Grow with Mios

Grow with Mios is an apprenticeship program by Mios Gastronomy Group Sdn. Bhd. This is an initiative to provide employment and business opportunities followed by training to meet the requirements of the industry for Malaysian unemployed graduates and students.

The program objective is:

  • To equip Malaysians with specific skills and knowledge that would enable them to secure employment;
  • To provide them with the required additional industrial skills or qualifications to widen their opportunity within the same or different industries; and
  • To ensure that they are able to find employment and to gain business opportunities with Mios Gastronomy Group Sdn. Bhd.

Grow with Mios program are divide into three (3) stages:

  1. Internship

Gain an entry level experience at Mios, develop your skills set. Find your interest and be good at it. Either you are in the kitchen or in the office this is the first step to many opportunities.

  1. Apprenticeship

Internship at Mios does not end after 6 months, we will give the opportunities to talents with a potential to be a permanent part of Mios Gastronomy Sdn. Bhd. Welcome to the apprenticeship where you will be assigned to run a certain project and grow with Mios, domestically and internationally. This your chance to build your career with Mios.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Next level is, entrepreneurship. We are growing into franchising, new brands, new products and this an opportunity for you to be your own boss. Training will be given with a support of financial. However only a few will be selected based on their performances from Internship to Apprenticeship.